I was sitting in the baby doctor office recently, and found myself particularly perturbed with a pregnant lady who was talking loudly on her Bluetooth. Why was I so tweaked? She was very pleasant. In fact, she was so nice that I think that’s what annoyed me.

She talked about everything from working from home, to the expiration of lunch meat, to matching outfits in the summertime to her red hair and pale skin, to finally encouraging her husband to put his feet up and relax on a Friday after a long week. Why was I so irritated?

Maybe some of it was due to the decibel range she was projecting in. But if I was honest with myself, the real reason I was put off was the fact that she was so happy. It was the kind of happy that was making me contemplate jumping from the third story of the doctor’s office building.

Then it hit me: How childish, insecure and frustrated was I by my own experiences and circumstances that I resented this sweet, pregnant lady?

I think we do this sometimes. Maybe more often than sometimes if we’re honest…we expect everyone else to be miserable, angry or having an off day just as we are. To be singing the blues just like us.

Truth be told, we all have those days that aren’t especially bright and sunny. And that’s fine. To always pretend everything is rainbows and unicorns is a whole other problem in itself. But to expect everyone else to wallow in our sadness, bitterness, discontent, frustration, anger and take up our offenses is incredibly selfish and short sighted.

Envy isn’t good. Being resentful isn’t especially helpful either. So if you find yourself having an “off” day, month or year; rejoice in the happiness of others. Stick close to those who are joyful and pray that it rubs off on you.

Surround yourself with joyful people. Do things that bring joy to your life. Being positive is sometimes much harder than being cynical, but positivity is far more rewarding (and probably causes you to live longer).


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