about me.

My name is Tyler. I’m from a middle class family in middle America.
I’m married to my awesome wife Kaydee and we have the cutest two girls in the world — Rigby Laine and Layla Renee.

I’m fascinated by Jesus. Who he was said to be by the ancient prophets, who he said he was, who he was accounted to be by the apostles and who he is today in our world. I’m on a never-ending journey of how this Jewish carpenter from Nazareth transformed all of human history and is still transforming lives today. I believe that through discussion and stories from our fellow man we get a better sense of Jesus.

My hope in writing this blog isn’t to be just another amateur theologian with a blog; rather to be a jumping off point to healthy discussion. Not to serve as an authoritarian or the final word, but to be the first word in a dialogue amongst those trying to walk out faith in a crazy world. My aim is to create space where we can learn from Jesus and learn from each other.


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